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Resale Information and Documents

As a condominium owner in the Villages at Baxter Ridge, the owner is a member of two associations: (1) The Baxter Ridge Condominium Association and (2) The Villages at Baxter Ridge Homeowners Association. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide the potential purchaser(s) with the following information for each of the associations:

  1. The Baxter Ridge Condominium Association administers the Baxter Ridge Condominiums Board of Directors. The monthly condominium fee includes sewer, water, trash and recycling pickup, some insurance and some maintenance. Documents are available below to assist in the sale of a unit. Please download these documents from the list at the bottom of this page. The Condominium Association does not routinely furnish duplicates of the condominium documents. 
    1. Condominium Declaration and By-Laws
    2. By-Laws 1st Amendment 2019
    3. Policies - Rules and Regulations
    4. Balance Sheet for the prior year
    5. Revenue and Expenses Statement for the prior year
    6. Operating Budget for the current year
  2. The Villages at Baxter Ridge Homeowners Association is managed by the Village Trustees. The annual village assessment includes maintaining the pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, entrance sign and structure and common ground. The information below can be obtained from CMA (Community Managers Associates), who is the management company for the Homeowners Association. Contact Pauline Migneron at 314-720-8759 or at [email protected] for further information. The Trustee letter and a separate resale certificate from the Homeowners Association can be obtained from CMA for closing. Documents available from CMA include:
    1. A copy of the Indentures of Trust and Restrictions for The Villages at Baxter Ridge
    2. A copy of the current year’s budget
    3. A copy of the previous year’s financial statements

As required by Missouri law, a Disclosure for Missouri Condominium Resale Certificate (realtor documents also known as Form 2141 or CND-2000) provides the information that a condominium seller must provide to the purchaser.

To obtain a Condominium Resale Certificate, the unit owner must complete the Request for Condo Resale Certificate (log in required). The certificate will be made available within ten days after a request by the unit owner.

Prior to closing, the purchaser must complete the Purchaser Information and Affidavit form and return it along with a $100 Transfer of Ownership Fee to the condominium association. Your closing could be delayed if the Purchaser Information and Affidavit form and payment are not provided in a timely manner to the Condominium Board.

                 Please contact them at [email protected]
if you have any questions.

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